Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Waterfall Exploration

On our journey to the resort, Carlos took us a different way so we could stop at this amazing waterfall and explore the great outdoors.  We also stopped at some shops in La Fortuna and had time to purchase souvenirs.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Foosballs and Smiles

I got to play foosball with a kid today.  He was around 7 years old.  He liked to mess with me by putting the ball on my side of the table.  He scored a goal by putting the ball on my side of the table, but I ultimately won the game.  He was grinning ear to ear the whole game.  we both had a lot of fun and laughed at each other.  The game moved slowly at first, then picked up speed towards the end.  We shook hands afterwards and shared a smile.

- Allie Griffeth

Meet Judy

We visited six different families today in la Cuenca and were able to pray for them and give them a sack full of food and groceries.

Judy and Hugo.  Judy played soccer with us the past few days and some of us were able to get to know her before today.  Judy cried she was so thankful for the food we gave her.  She and her family have been going through a very hard time.  She has fought to stay in school and is in her 10th year.  Unfortunately, she is from Nicaragua, and the school will not give her accreditation for graduation unless she is able to travel back to Nicaragua and get the correct paperwork which will be very expensive.  I think this story moved our students to most, and it was an emotional moment hearing her story.  Everyone gave her a hug before we left.

listening to Judy's story

Before we left Sonrisas con Esperanza for the last time we all gathered around Hugo and Nathan, another missionary who partners with Hugo.   We prayed for them, their ministry, their families, and the community there in la Cuenca.  

Pictures from Guarari and La Cuenca

Stephen sprained his ankle last night playing soccer.  In the morning the guys were taking turns carrying him around and the Costa Ricans thought it was hilarious.  Luckily by this afternoon, he has been able to walk around with us again. 

Someone in the neighborhood had their fence stolen, so some of the guys helped
bring some of the fencing from Sonrisas con Esperanza to replace others.
Some of the precious children in at Sonrisas con Esperanza

Trying coconut milk for the first time - delicious!

Hanging out at the pastor's house at the end of a busy day